Two excitable fox cubs find a new way to keep fit.


Director – Andrew Brand
Camera Operators – Andrew Brand & Alison Ballard
Editor – Andrew Brand
Composition – Richard Keyworth



Featured on the 15th Mo&Friese Childrens Film Festival Anniversary DVD which can be purchased here.


Mo&Friese / Hamburg International Short Film Festival - Hamburg, Germany (Jun 2013)
Nomination - Friese Award

37th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt - Weiterstadt, Germany (Aug 2013)

In The Woods Festival - London, UK (Aug 2013)

Greenscreen International Film Festival - Eckernförder, Germany (Sep 2013)
Nomination - Wild Laugh Award

Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience - Chemnitz, Germany (Oct 2013)

22nd dokumentART European Film Festival - Neubrandenburg, Germany (Oct 2013)

28th Brest European Short Film Festival - Brest, France (Nov 2013)
Nomination - Canal+ Award

27th International FilmFest - Braunschweig, Germany (Nov 2013)

13th Flensburger Short Film Festival - Flensburg, Germany (Nov 2013)

21st Ozu Film Festival - Touring Festival, Italy (Nov 2013)
Castellarano / Casalgrande / Fiorano Modenese / Formigine / Maranello / Sassuolo / Scandiano

zwergWERK Short Film Festival - Oldenburg, Germany (Nov 2013)

Bang! Short Film Festival - Nottingham, UK (Nov 2013)

London Short Film Festival - London, UK (Jan 2014)
Nomination - Lomography Award for Best Lo-Budget Short

British Shorts Film Festival - Berlin, Germany (Jan 2014)

16th Annual BAMKids International Film Festival - New York, USA (Feb 2014)

20th International Short Film Week Regensburg - Regensburg, Germany (Mar 2014)
Nomination - Best International Short Film

Flatpack Film Festival - Birmingham, UK (Mar 2014)

GoShorts International Short Film Festival - Nijmegen, Netherlands (Apr 2014)

30th Hamburg International Short Film Festival - Hamburg, Germany (Jun 2014)

Traverse City Film Festival - Michigan, USA (Jul 2014)

Greenhorn Film Festival - London, UK (Nov 2014)